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Saving and improving the lives of seriously ill pregnant women, babies, and children in low-resource settings since 1995

Request and Download Books

MCAI publishes 3 comprehensive books which are now reaching front line healthcare workers in low income countries for FREE. Sales in other settings help to fund this pioneering project.

International Maternal & Child Health Care — A Practical Manual For Hospitals Worldwide
An in-depth practical textbook for health workers in low resource settings
Pocket Book of Hospital Care For Maternal Emergencies — Including Major Trauma & Neonatal Resuscitation
Pocket Book of Hospital Care For Neonates & Infants — Summary of the emergency components of hospital care for newborn and older infants from our 900 page textbook
Download books. Read them immediately online.
Request copies of the books. If you work in a hospital in a low income country - providing free care - you are probably entitled to FREE hard copies of these books. Fill in the form and MCAI will send them to you.

These in-depth practical books have been written and peer reviewed by over 100 experts from around the world, all with experience in hospital settings where there are poor resources. They have freely given their time and expertise.